The Dream Client Workshop

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Susan was amazing at helping me identify my dream client. For 3 months I've been trying to narrow down my niche. In a matter of 20 minutes, she help me figure it out. By the end of the workshop I felt a sense of relief and peace knowing that I had found my ideal client. Now I can now begin to effectively market to them. Thank you Susan for helping me work it out. I think I was too close to it. Having an objective opinion and your wisdom was exactly the help I need.

Chrissy O'Donnell

Susan had us do an exercise of identifying our passions and desires about working with clients and identifying the traits we wanted to work with. I finally have clarity of who my target audience is and my ideal client.
I can’t wait for the next workshop to identify and narrow down my services.

Debbie Neil

Working with Susan to find my ideal client was so eye-opening. It helped to narrow it down to the right client that I want to serve. It also helped to hear what others had to say to help pinpoint that ideal client. Susan takes the time to help you discover who you want to actually work with vs what you feel will give you the best results but not really invested in. I would recommend this workshop to anyone that is struggling with who they want to serve.

Sue McConnell


I'll be holding another workshop in March!

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