Do You Want To Learn The In-Demand Techie Skills That Can Earn You Up To 4X More Than Typical Admin Skills?

The Techie VA Training Vault Teaches You How The Tools Work + How To Offer Your Skills As A Service

You'll Learn...

  • How To Build WordPress Websites From Scratch With No Experience 

  • How To Price, Package, Promote + Offer WordPress Services

  • How To Master All MailChimp Features + Offer It As A Service

  • How To Master Infusionsoft + Offer It As A Service (coming end of 2020)

Did You Know That...

  • Admin Skills Pay Less Than Techie Skills?

    It's true! It's possible to earn up to 2x more as a Techie VA.

  • Admin Skills Are Not In Demand?

    Clients want help with the technology that runs their business.

  • Admin Skills Keep You Tied To A Desk + Timer?

    Admin skills give you limited freedom and flexibility.

  • Admin Skills Are Harder To Package?

    Admins do so many different type of tasks that it's hard to package.

It's all matter what others say!

Admin Skills are Not enough to be successful. 


The Techie VA Training Vault

A Membership Community That Focuses On On-going Support + Training
For Higher-Paying In-Demand Techie Skills + Systems.

Look At What You Get When You Join

  • In-Depth Video Training

    Over 150+ bite-sized videos on WordPress + MailChimp teaching you in-demand skills.

  • Sandboxes To Practice

    You get access to the actual tools I'm teaching you as part of the program, so that you get hands-on learning experience.

  • Community Centered

    The main idea is to build a community of like-minded people who can support each other on their VA journey so they don't feel alone.

  • Offer Techie Services

    You don't just learn the techie tool. You'll be taught how to offer it as a service, even if you have NO experience.

  • Useful Documents

    Included in your membership is a Techie VA Guide, plus dozens of templates, checklists, homework assignments + more.

  • On Going Support

    Ongoing support and motivation to help you stay focused and work through the training.

Plus So Much More! This membership program is packed with goodies. If you want to read even more details just scroll to the FAQ section further below.

The In-Depth How-To Training Includes

WordPress 101

Learn how to build a WordPress website from the ground up with NO experience.

  • Module 1: WordPress Overview

    • Overview
    • Domains
    • Web Hosting
    • Email Setup
    • Techie Terms
  • Module 2: Install WordPress

    • cPanel Overview
    • DNS + Add-On Domains
    • Email Hosting + Setup
    • Install WordPress
    • WordPress Dashboard
  • Module 3: Themes

    • WordPress Settings
    • Theme Overview
    • Choosing A Theme
  • Module 4: Design + Content

    • Website Setup Review
    • Design Basic
    • Website Content
    • Audio + Video
    • Blogging + Posts
    • Theme Options
  • Module 5: Plugins + Widgets

    • All About Plugins
    • Widgets + Sidebars
  • Module 6: Menus + Headers

    • Menus
    • Headers, Banners + Logos
    • Backgrounds
  • Module 7: Customization

    • Users
    • Revisions
    • Theme Templates
    • Short Codes
    • Import + Export
    • Media Galleries
    • Bulk Actions
    • More Theme Options
  • Module 8: Cloning

    • Child Themes
    • Finishing Touches
    • Cloning + Migration
  • Bonus: CSS + HTML Basics

    • HTML Basics
    • CSS Basics

WordPress 201

Learn how to price, package, promote, and offer WordPress as a service to your clients.

  • Module 1: Package

    • Retainers Vs Packages
    • WordPress Packages
    • Package Breakdown
  • Module 2: Price

    • Estimating
    • Package Pricing
  • Module 3: Systems + Processes

    • Prospect Process
    • Client Process
    • Management Package Process
    • Hosting Package Process
    • Development Package Process
  • Module 4: Project Management

    • Project Management Overview
    • Project Setup
    • Initiation Phase
    • Planning Phase
    • Execution
    • Monitor + Control Phase
    • Closing Phase
  • Module 5: Implementation

    • Delivery 101
    • Maintenance Package
    • Hosting Packages
    • Website Packages
    • Upsells
  • Module 6: Position

    • Marketing 101
    • Your Target
    • Your Niche
    • Ideal Client Traits
    • Marketing Message
  • Module 7: Promote

    • Hot Topics
    • Find Your Audience

MailChimp 101

Learn how to master all features in MailChimp and how to offer it as a service to your clients.

  • Module 1: Introduction

    • Email Marketing 101
    • MailChimp Overview
  • Module 2: Audiences

    • Overview Of Audiences
    • Working With Audiences
    • Working With Subscribers
    • Working With Tags
    • Using Segments
    • Using Signup Forms
    • Using Groups
  • Module 3: Templates

    • Using Templates
    • Managing Templates
  • Module 4: Campaigns

    • Overview Of Campaigns
    • Email Campaigns
    • Automation Overview
    • Using Automations
    • Landing Pages
    • Ads + Social Posts
    • Using Postcards
  • Module 5: Integrations + Reporting

    • Integrations
    • Reports + Views
  • Module 6: Service Packages

    • Service Packages For MailChimp
  • Module 7: Mock Project

    • Mock Project

A Little About Me

I'm Susan Mershon and I started The Techie Mentor™ in 2013 to teach my no fluff approach to the strategies + skills Virtual Assistants need to create, build + grow a profitable + sustainable business.


I’ve taught thousands of Virtual Assistants just like you real + proven strategies for getting started, getting clients + charging premium rates that can earn you more than 4x typical admin skills.


If you want to learn more about who I am, how I’m different + what I offer, please feel free to stop by my website

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