A membership program that teaches the in-demand skills clients are looking for + how to offer those skills as a service professional.

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Administrative Skills Pay Less Than Techie Skills + Are NOT In Demand!

An Affordable Membership Program For Anyone Wanting To Specialize In High End + Higher Paying
Techie Skills + Systems.

Introducing The Techie VA
Training Vault

A Membership Community That Focuses On Ongoing Support + Training
For In-Demand Techie Skills + Systems.

  • A Techie Training Vault

    Over 150+ bite sized training videos on WordPress + Mail Chimp - with new trainings coming out quarterly.

  • Community Focused

    It's a membership program that focuses on building a community of like-minded people who can support each other on their VA journey so you don't feel isolated or alone.

  • It's Affordable

    Stop paying hundreds to thousands of dollars for training on how to start and run a VA business!

  • No Fluff or Hype Included

    Speeds up your journey to success by focusing on the most important things to know - no fluff or hype. 

  • Templates, Checklists + More

    Included in your membership are dozens of templates, checklists and other useful documents.

  • Student Sandboxes

    You have access to the actual programs I'm teaching you as part of the program so you get hands on learning experience.

  • Learn How To Offer Services

    Don't just learn the tool, learn how to offer it as a service even if you have NO experience or have just learned it.

  • Gets Actual Results

    It's a proven system that works to help you get started, get clients + create your service packages.

Here's What You Get

Techie VA Training Vault

  • Training on WordPress

    Comprehensive how-to training on building WordPress websites from the ground up AND how to offer it as a service.

  • Training on Mail Chimp

    Comprehensive how-to training on all things Mail Chimp AND how to offer it as a service.

  • Student Sandboxes

    Build your very own WordPress website plus you get access to my Mail Chimp Sandbox for hands on learning!

  • A Training Vault

    A vault of training that will continue to grow every quarter.

  • Techie Counselors

    Meet live with a Techie Counselor to help you create a customized strategy and plan for working through all the training. 

  • An Accountability Program

    An accountability program for individuals that want to work together through the training.

  • Virtual Co-Working Rooms

    Zoom rooms available to anyone that wants to meet with other members at anytime to help stay focused and moving forward. 

  • Hot Seat Coaching

    Hot Seat Coaching where one member volunteers to be coached by me and other members of the community to help them work through an issue.

  • Monthly Live Q&A Calls

    Live Q&A Calls where I am available to answer your questions and help you with what you need

  • Featured Members

    We feature a new member story with the community every month.

  • Quarterly Trend Calls

    Trend calls to talk about the current trends in technology + the VA Industry.

  • Guest Speakers

    Guest speakers to speak to the community about specific topics like finance, health, taxes and much more

  • On Going Support

    A Facebook Community for building relationships and ongoing support.

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